Monday, March 31, 2008

Who is to be held accountable?

If we, as parents, were to expose our 4-5 yr olds to profanity, abuse, condoms on the floor or pornography; everyone would want us, the parents, to be held accountable for that. They would say, "we are endangering our chilrens's well being" and probably call us unfit parents. Or worse have them taken away from us! Well, who do we hold accountable in the Department of Education for doing just that?! It's happening in our school with the current high school we have now, the School of Law and Justice. Thankfully, they will be leaving this year. We can't always hold the 2 principals responsible, the decision to have an elementary school to share space with a high school was imposed on them too and not everything gets to their ears. So can you see where our parents are coming from? We dont want to go through this again with another school.

We have quite a few high schools already within a one or two block radius. I.S./H.S. 265 Dr. Susan McKinney Secondary School of the Arts, Benjamin Banneker Academy‎, Brooklyn Technical High School‎ not to mention the other schools inside of J.H.S.113, Westinghouse on Tillary, the High School of Science Skills which is located right behind P.S 287 which houses 2 other high schools in one building. Honestly, how many more do we need?

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